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    which interpretation is correct?

    Hello, teachers.
    Would you tell me which of my interpretation is correct?
    Mrs Bulteel—the brewer’s lady—who wore London dresses, and was much the most fashionable person in Cullerne, proposed that some edifying book should be read aloud on Dorcas afternoons to the assembled workers. ... So Mrs Bulteel read properly religious stories, of so touching a nature that an afternoon seldom passed without her being herself dissolved in tears, and evoking sympathetic sniffs and sobs from such as wished to stand in her good books. If Miss Joliffe was not herself so easily moved by imaginary sorrow, she set it down to some lack of loving-kindness in her own disposition, and mentally congratulated the others on their superior sensitiveness.
    (from The Nebuly Coat by J. M. Falkner)
    I am not quite sure if I understand the last sentence correctly. Is it saying
    (1) Miss Joliffe was _always_ unmoved by imaginary sorrow
    (2) Miss Joliffe was sometimes moved and sometimes unmoved by imaginary sorrow, and when she was unmoved by it, she set it down to some lack of loving-kindness in her own nature?

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    Re: which interpretation is correct?


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