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    Thumbs down what does this mean

    if some one says, " call me a cob" what do they mean?
    eg: A girl in the middle of the night travelling in a man's cloths! if this isn't fishy, call me a cob.

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    Re: what does this mean

    The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis

    "And so, of course, are we," said Bree. "Of course you guessed that at once. A little boy in rags riding (or trying to ride) a war-horse at dead of night couldn't mean anything but an escape of some sort. And, if I may say so, a highborn Tarkheena riding alone at night - dressed up in her brother's armour - and very anxious for everyone to mind their own business and ask her no questions - well, if that's not fishy, call me a cob!"

    "All right then," said Aravis. "You've guessed it. Hwin and I are running away. We are trying to get to Narnia. And now, what about it?"
    Call me a (corn) cob meaning, if I am not right, then I must be stupid: have the intelligence of a cob.

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