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    Please tell me if I used the tenses correctly. Thanks.
    1 .We usually stay at home on Fridays, but we came out tonight because we celebrated Thomas’ birthday.
    2. We usually stay at home on Fridays, but we are coming out tonight because we are celebrating Thomas’ birthday.

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    Re: celebrate

    The only suggestion I would make is to omit the 'at':
    "We usually stay home.."

    Whereas we would always include 'at' when referring to other general locations eg at school, at the cinema, we tend to omit it when referring to 'home'
    "Where's your brother tonight?"
    "He stayed home."
    "He's home watching TV."

    Including the 'at' is fine, but not quite as colloquial as omitting it, since we seem to want to be as brief and as economical with expressing our meaning as we can.

    (Note that I used the word 'meaning', and not 'thoughts'. )

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