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    sent for

    Two days later a travelling fiddler came by the castle. He began to play under the window and begged for money and when the king heard him, he said, 'Let him come in.'
    So, they brought the dirty-looking fellow in and, when he had sung before the king and the princess, he begged for a gift.
    The king said, 'You have sung so well that I will give you my daughter to take as your wife.'
    The princess begged and prayed; but the king said, 'I have sworn to give you to the first man who came to the door, and I will keep my word.'
    Words and tears were to no avail; the parson was sent for, and she was married to the fiddler.
    When you say the parson was sent for, does it mean the king sent someone to bring the parson from somewhere to the castle? or is the parson sent from the castle?

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    Re: sent for

    The expressions 'sent for' means 'to order or instruct someone to come to one's presence; to summon'. So, the the king sent someone to so summon the parson from the local village or wherever, up to the castle.


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