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    Cars, Cars, Cars ;-)

    The private motor vehicle has greatly improved individual freedom of movement. Moreover, the automobile has become a status symbol. Yet the use of private motor vehicles has contributed to some of today’s most serious problems.
    How can the use of private motor vehicles be reduced?


    Nowadays, more and more cars have been driven on the roads, the reasons for that maybe related to the symbol of one’s status and the convenience of using private vehicles when compare with public transportations. However, the increase in using cars on the roads would cause not only environmental problems but also social problems.

    In many big cities, such as Jakarta, Bangkok, the air pollution were serious which is because of the huge import of private cars and the lack of control by the local governments as well as people awareness. Beside the air pollution, the sound pollution may also be resulted. Many researches have pointed out that a livable city mainly depends on the proportion of private motors, the less cars in the city, the more pleasure which people may encounter. One good simple city is Amsterdam, with the lower number of cars on the street and replaced by environmental friendly vehicle – bicycle, it city becomes one of the most welcome city in the world.

    Massive number of cars on the street means the increase of cars accidents and the social burdens. If we take a look at any figures of car accident in any cities, the majority of car accidents caused by private motor vehicles.

    To reduce private cars effectively needs to have government supports. First, we should urge to reduce the quotas for people who intend to buy cars. Second, the improvement of public transportations may also encourage people to give up using private cars. Third, the education for the new generation enhances their awareness of these problems related to private cars in our society.

    To sum up, owning a car do not direct link to the convenience of freedom of movement nor one’s status symbol. In contrast, which means the joy of car industries keep producing more and more cars.

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    Re: Cars, Cars, Cars ;-)

    Thank you for making paragraphs.

    For the first paragraph, try:
    Nowadays, more and more cars are being driven on the roads. The reasons for that are status and convenience.
    Apparently, you used up that subject. New paragraph:
    The increase in the use of motorcars causes congestion. It also causes pollution.
    You don't need to keep repeating that cars are used on the roads. (How else would they be used?)

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