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    to say or to saying?

    I said something and then I said:which is similar to say ...
    I felt that the sentence should have been : which is similar to saying....

    which sentence is more corret . the one with to say or the one with to saying?

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    Re: to say or to saying?

    I would say "saying" due to you could use a preposition instead of.

    Which is similar to it?; hence Which is similar to saying?

    Not a teacher at all.

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    Re: to say or to saying?

    Short answer: If you were to say something like “When he shouts it is similar to saying something in a loud voice.” That is correct.
    Generally speaking, verbs ending in –ing are always preceded with a form of To Be (am, is, are, be, was, were). This is called the progressive tense.
    There is also the infinitive. Unlike Italian, Spanish and French which have one word infinitives --- aller, ir, andare --- English infinitives are usually accompanied with the word to. That is where the confusion comes. Sometimes when to is with a verb, it is not really with the verb and it is not an infinitive. In the case you mentioned, the verb saying is actually part of what we call a verb phrase and the word to not associated with the verb say, but rather a is a preposition attached to the adjective similar.
    The phrase “saying something in a loud voice” is a complete idea of its own and we use the –ing ending because it represents the idea of something that happens or can happen continuously.
    Similar to + saying something in a loud voice.
    Other examples of adjectives that sometimes take to are up to, down to, and around to.
    ·She is up to typing 70 words a minute.
    ·The baby is down to waking up only three times a night.
    ·Today I will get around to calling my old friend.
    Other examples of an –ing verb that is not accompanied by a form of to be because it is a phrase all its own are:
    “I feel like eating in a new restaurant today.”
    “The boy stopped stealing his sister’s toys.”
    “I saw you talking to her.”

    I hope this helps.


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