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Thread: You got it.

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    You got it.

    What does "You got it" mean in this context? Does D mean: You understand it, boss. Or you're telling the truth, boss. (that we are pretty slow on this work indeed) ? Thanks for your help.

    M: Let's look busy.
    C: What's this?
    S: Hey, partner, what did you do?
    D: It's the cement we dug up.
    B: My God, you cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers. Do you all think you can slow walk this job, play grab-ass in here? Drag it out for months? Get to work.
    D: You got it, boss.
    B: How about it, C-Note? Get to work.
    C: Oh, you know, boss, my leg just fell asleep.


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    Re: You got it.

    In this context = Ok, I'll do what you want me to do.


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