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Thread: "at"

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    Smile "at"

    Hi everyone,

    When i put the "at"? i'm confused... sometimes I put "in" and sometimes i put "on"...

    What's the rule?



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    Re: "at"

    I think we need to see what you are doing wrong. Please give us some sentences of your own using these.

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    Re: "at"

    We could do with some more examples, Rogerio.

    In the meantime here's an illustration to show how difficult prepositions can be in English:

    I put the kettle on (the stove) at 1 o'clock (the time of day) in the afternoon (part of the day)

    But you would say: The train arrived at night, on time

    and yet: The train arrived in the middle of the night, in time for me to have a coffee on the platform before boarding.

    Let's have your own examples.

    (Not a teacher)

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