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    Questions on Business Communication Management

    P Please give me the answers of the following questions:

    1)As a manager, how can you impress on your employees the importance of strong business ethics when dealing with colleagues, customers and general public?

    2)What is media richness and how is it determined?

    3)Why is it important to establish your credibility when communicating with an audience of strangers?

    4)When giving a negative review to an employee what five steps should you follow?

    5)What is the purpose of adding titles, captions and legends to visuals in reports? For what purpose are Ganttís chart used?

    6)What is a letter of transmittal, and where is it positioned within a report?
    7)What three goals should you accomplish during the introduction of an oral presentation.

    8)How does the AIDA model apply to an application letter? What are the three stages of every interview and which is the most important?

    9)What does the statement of purpose convey?

    10 Which distribution method would you choose for a highly confidential strategic planning report that needs to be sent to top executives at six locations in North America, Asia and Europe? Explain your choice.

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    Re: Questions on Business Communication Management

    These look like assignments. As you know, we expect people to make the first attempt at answering their assignments, and will advise or comment on their work.

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