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Thread: parts of sppech

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    parts of sppech

    Hi every one
    I rearlly need a big favor from all of u
    what I need is to tell me about names of book or websites which provide something like this

    noun........ verb ............adjective .......adverb
    beauty..... beautify .....beautiful ........beautifully

    something can help me to know all the parts of speech the noun, verb, adjective, adverb
    I have searched for them many times but there was no use so please give me what u got
    and it will be very useful if u have only a list of them
    another question what's the meaning of this expression "learn by heart " for instance
    we have a poem to learn by heart

    I'm waiting for ur reply...

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    Re: parts of sppech

    To learn a text by heart means to memorize it very carefully so that it could be reproduced without any changes.

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