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    Unhappy correction of sentences

    Correct the errors in the following sentences. Indicate the nature of error at the end of each question.
    (a)They taken the kick-off and get to work and have a touchdown in five minutes of the first quarter.
    (b)After a long day it is always good to lay down.
    (c)Anyone who rides a bicycle every day will discover that they develop some muscles not developed in jogging.
    (d)If he is absent, he will fail the course.
    (e)If he goes to night school, he would take a course in hotel management.
    (f)People who take a lot of picture sometime find that you get tired carrying a camera, and the often stop taking pictures all at once, the way some people stop smoking.
    (g)After we isolate the bacteria they are treated carefully by us.

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    Re: correction of sentences

    If this is an exercise, please try it yourself first; it will help you learn and understand.

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