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    Smile how to improve our writting

    hello everybody
    i have a nice idea for you and i and i hope that no body wrote about it before
    let's choose any topic sentence and everyone write about it than we try to correct our mistake .
    thank you.

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    Re: how to improve our writting

    Hi fashiongirl
    That's a great idea.
    Why don't you start the ball rolling?

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    Re: how to improve our writting

    Let's start with how to write a topic sentence.

    The following topic sentences contain a topic and a controlling idea. Can you find them? (When your introduction contains a clearly stated topic sentence such as one of the following, your reader will know what to expect and, therefore, understand your ideas better.)

    1. People can avoid burglaries by taking certain precautions.
    (The precautions for?

    2. There are several advantages to growing up in a small town.
    (The advantages of?

    3. Most US universities require a 550 point TOEFL score for a number of reasons.
    (The reasons for?

    4. Air pollution in Mexico City is the worst in the world for a number of reasons.
    (The causes of? or (The effects of?

    5. Fixing a flat tire on a bicycle is easy if you follow these steps.
    (The steps for?

    6. There are several enjoyable ways to travel between the US and Queretaro.
    (The ways to? or (The methods of?

    7. Animals in danger of becoming extinct come from a wide range of countries.
    (The different countries?[parts, kinds, types])

    8. Effective leadership requires specific qualities that anyone can develop.
    (The qualities (or characteristics or traits) of?

    9. Industrial waste poured into Lake Michigan has led to dramatic changes in its ability to support marine life.
    (The effects of?

    10. In order to fully explore the wreck of the Titanic, scientists must address several problems.
    (The difficulties of? or (The obstacles to? [/INDENT]

    Check your answers here.

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    Re: how to improve our writting

    If you write about a certain topic be sure that you prove your arguments.
    Let's take Sopu's first topic for example.

    1. People can avoid burglaries by taking certain precautions.
    You start with an introduction and try to argue for this topic.
    Don't just say: People should buy alarm devices.
    You have to make clear that the reader understand why people should buy alarm devices like " In order to alert people if burglars are trying to break into their houses people should buy alarm devices since these .....(informing the police directly and so on)

    Hoping that a student from Germany could help you :)

    With friendly regards Maluues :)

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    Exclamation Re: how to improve our writting

    Hi soup! You have started the ball rolling and i have made the first kick. It is your turn to return. Please add/modify or give your comments.

    There are several advantages to growing up in a small town.

    Growing in a small town has some unique advantages which are rare in big cities. First of all, the environment is more clean having less noise. You get plenty of fresh air which is essential to keep oneself fit and in good health.
    Every day you happen to meet people who are familiar to you. Familiarity begets friendship. So you get opportunity to find a few true friends with whom you can share your feelings of sorrow and happiness. This is an essential part of a satisfying life.
    Of course a small town has inherent disadvantages. You do not get large educational institutions having multifarious branches of studies but those few which exist offer quality education. This is because of the excellent and cordial relationship between the management of the Institution and guardians. Due to frequent interaction between them there is always a tendency on the part of the management to assess the needs of the students and fulfill those as far as practicable.
    Then there are banks having limited discretionary financial powers. But for big loans you need not run to their higher/head office. If you have a good rapport and personal equation with the manager, he will take care of you, even to meet your emergent requirement he can go to the extent exercising his full discretionary powers to help you. This is not possible in large banks located in big cities.
    On the whole if one has the will, he can covert the disadvantages of a small town to his advantage. Besides, there is a saying small is beautiful. Let explore more the beauties of a small place.

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    Re: how to improve our writting

    I think why not choose some popular topics to wirt it ? the above of topics are too diffcult for esl student.

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