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    how was it vs. what was it like

    Suppose that my sister attended a party last night and I'm enquiring about it. Which is the usual way of doing it:

    1. How was the party last night?
    2. What was the party like last night?

    If both, any difference?

    Many thanks.


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    Re: how was it vs. what was it like

    How was it?
    What was it like?

    They are both the same to me.

    How did the party go last night?

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    Re: how was it vs. what was it like

    Both could be used, though "How was.." is probably more colloquial and common.

    The distinction is:
    'what' is used to ask a question, so the speaker then has to 'ask it' , and so 'was it like?'.

    'how' has the meaning, in this context, of 'asking about the condition or quality of something' - in other words, did it live up to what we regard as a 'good party' or not? Hence, there is no 'like' or similar word, just '..was the party?'


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