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    American slang words

    These are some common slang words.
    kook-a crazy person
    gonna-going to
    faggot-gay guy
    big bucks-alot of money
    wanna-want to
    outta-out of
    pee-urinate, urine
    poop-defecate, feces
    booger-dried nasal mucus
    dog-black slang for a person.
    snot-nasal mucus
    turd-piece of feces
    gotta-got to
    fart-pass gas
    bastard-a mean person
    Butty - Sandwich (in Northern England)
    Piece - Sandwich (in Scotland)
    A quid - 1
    Footy - Football
    Rugger - Rugby
    Bird - Woman
    Pit - Bed
    Chick - beautiful girl
    Boom box - stereo
    flick - movie
    Jerk - stupid person
    asshole - stupid person
    loser - stupid person
    dead presidents - dollars
    Bullshit - nonsense
    Kiss someone's ass - to hit them hard
    save someone's ass - to save them from being in risks.
    pinhead - stupid person
    dick - stupid and dirty person.
    Gimme your skin - shake your hands.
    goofy - stupid and silly person.
    That's sweet! - That's great!
    Hot - sexy
    prick - stupid person
    Yo - you!
    Homey - close friend
    Dude - friend
    crap - nonsense
    dough - money
    chemistry - understanding between two people
    machine - computer
    comfy - comfortable
    john - bathroom(US English)
    loo - toilet(British English)
    screw - cheat someone
    telly - television(British English)
    Yankees - Americans
    Paki - Pakistani(most commonly used in British English)
    jumpy - frightened or nervous
    hubby - husband
    misus - wife
    Uncle sam- America
    sis - sister
    snotty - proud
    chatterbox- a person who talks too much
    reckon - think
    Gee, how many pissed's are there?
    "Jerk - stupid person
    asshole - stupid person
    loser - stupid person
    Kiss someone's ass - to hit them hard
    dick - stupid and dirty person.
    prick - stupid person"
    Not quite.
    jerk - 1. an annoyingly unpleasant or repulsive person; a creep; 2. to masturbate
    asshole - a contemptible, detestable person
    loser - a socially inept, unpopular, uncool person
    kiss someone's ass - to brown nose; to suck up to a person
    dick - 1. a sonuvabitch; a bastard; 2. a penis; 3. a detective
    prick - 1. a really mean, nasty sonuvabitch; a rat-bastard; someone with absolutely no regard for other people's feelings.

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    Re: American slang words

    pissed off - angry (I am really pissed off at him for what he said.)
    (Not all of those expressions are slang. For example, butt is simply short for buttocks.)

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