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    Cool Past Participles

    Of the words Dive draw see beat bleed bear bring burn creep dig eat fall fight blow give hurt prove begin set do sit speak run lay. Thank you

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    Exclamation Re: Past Participles

    Every 'Learning English Site' has an interactive page for irregular verbs. In this Forum also you can find this page from the index which is at the end. Open the page and type the base form of the verb at the specified field and you get the answer. Here in the interactive page, you not only get the past participle form but also the other forms.
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    Re: Past Participles

    God Bless!

    dive: dived

    draw: drawn

    see: seen

    beat: beaten

    bleed: bled

    bear: borne

    bring: brought

    burn: burnt or burned

    creep: crept

    dig: dug

    eat: eaten

    fall: fallen

    fight: fought

    blow: blown

    give: given

    hurt: hurt

    prove: proved or proven

    begin: begun

    set: set

    do: done

    sit: sat

    speak: spoken

    run: run

    lay: laid

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