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    I need help to understand tense etc..

    I am not a teacher

    hello there,
    I am living in USA pittsburgh. I am suffering with grammer over here. If you can help me understand the grammer well it will be my pleasure.

    what I know I do wrong is like if i want to ask somebody, what did you get for me?

    then I wont know how to ask him the right way:

    What did you got me?
    Did you get me something?
    what did u get for me?
    what did u get me?

    this is just one example. I am very confused at this point of time. I am basically from India New delhi.

    I went to give exam so there was this grammer test all punctuation marks and past, present tense and all...
    So i dint understand when I read a pragraph that what do they want me to answer. It was a multy choice answers....

    what I realy dint understand was... Should I put the whole paragraph in present tense future tense or past tense.

    PLEASE PLEASE Please help me Please..

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    Re: I need help to understand tense etc..

    God Bless!

    Could you please explain more about what the exam wanted you to do?

    You said about changing the whole paragraph. I don't think you need to do so in a multiple-choice test.


    My mother said, she .....

    1- wanted to go to the office.
    2-wants to go to the office.
    3-will go to the office.
    4-go to the office.

    In the example, the choice 1 is correct. Because "My mother said" is in the past tense and the rest of the sentence also should be in the past tense.


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    Exclamation Re: I need help to understand tense etc..

    Dear eatoss,

    Learning any foreign language is difficult and English is no exception. Unlike grammar of other languages, English grammar has 100s of rules and equal number of exceptions but it has got one advantage. You will find large number of people who speak and talk in English. So you have great scope of listing to them which will be helpful to practice English language and use it. Do not worry about mistakes. You will learn from the mistakes.The more you practice and use it you will gain confidence to speak. The more confidence you gain the better will be your speaking ability. When ever you have problem, please come to this Forum and ask for advice. Here you will get good guidance from experienced teachers of international standard.
    Thanking you,
    Manas Ranjan Mallick

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    Re: I need help to understand tense etc..

    Ex: What did you get for me?
    Ex: What did you got me?
    Ex: Did you get me something?
    Ex: What did you get for me?
    Ex: What did you get me?


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