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    error identification

    There may be a mistake in A,B or C or no mistake at all:

    1.Scientist A.struggling to find ways to prevent cancer have found new hope in the humble grape: a team of B.researchers at the University of Illionois found that a compound in grape skinks can block the substances that C.stimulate tumour growth.
    2.Jane always thought her children A.might have B.hidden a talent C.for the stage.
    3.In England, you can hire a car for 24 hours, A.including insurance and unlimited use of the road system, for the same price hiring a seat C.on a British Rail train for 2 hours.
    4.Thomas Edison to be best remembered for the electric lightbulb, the phonograph and the movie camera; B.yet, most of his creative energy went into C.1,000 other intriguing inventions including the electric pen, magnetic mining equipment and the poured-concrete house.
    5.A.By digging beneath a plain in Ethiopia, archeologists found a skull and other fossils of what they say is a new pre-human species, B.possibly the long-sought link between ape-like ancestors and C.the human family.
    6.In the United States, A.which spends more B.than another country C.on the environment, the cost of cleaning up now runs at the equivalent to some 40% of American defence spending.
    7.The new magazine, which has been launched this month, including news reports, interviews with interesting and influential people, and B.features on a wide range of topics to help build your ‘cultural IQ’ as if you C.were living abroad.
    8.A.Most of environmental pressure-groups are convinced that the environment is so important that standards cannot be set B.too high, and must be met C.regardless of cost.
    9.Well before the birth of multi-channel television, American films A.have dominated world cinema: even though in the 1950s and 1960s they competed B.with those made in Europe, the 1970s European film-making was already dead.

    My answers:1-no error
    2.B-a hidden talent
    3.B-as hiring error
    5.C-human family
    6.B-any other
    8.A.Most of the error

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    Re: error identification

    Look again at :
    1 -(A)
    3. There's only one error per sentence 'allowed' - but I would point out, you don't 'hire' a seat on a train
    4 (A)
    9 (A)
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