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    Pls correct my piece of writing, thanks!

    I took the exam finally, thanks god!

    Well, before the exam I thought that it would not be too difficult as I got a mid-high score on my "mook" exam. However, I was ruining the exam by myself...For the listening test (my most confident subject), when the recording was started, there was, as least, one and half minutes that I couldn't understand what the speakers were, were they speaking English? ... until I realized that it was an Australian accent!! (this is so different from both American and Brithish ones)

    More than that, for those very limit and priceless words that I berely could understand, I, suddently didn't know how to spell it...I wrongly spelled the word tomatoes into tomattos...and radar to rayda...and more!!

    The score will be released in 13 days after the exam...anyway I already think about enrolling the exam again.

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    Re: Pls correct my piece of writing, thanks!

    Did you mean to say "mock exam"?

    Say: my best subject. (A person can be confident. A subject cannot.)

    Say: there were one and a half minutes

    Sentences in parentheses should be treated the same as other sentences regarding capitalization and punctuation.

    Say: I am already thinking about taking the exam again.

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