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Thread: love-wise you

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    love-wise you

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask about a phrase that seems odd to me in the following passage:

    Your capacity for love increases and you start to see things from your partner's point of view. There is time for reflection and introspection and this makes you much more generous as a friend and lover; happily you will discover that you receive back every ounce of love you give, and more. But physically you are weak, caused by the strength of the illness star. Despite this, love-wise you are pressing all the right buttons causing your love life to soar. Do not be afraid to express your feelings for those you care for. This is an excellent time to take your feelings to the next level. If you've been hesitant before about revealing your inner feelings, take an emotional risk and don't hold back. Let the month bring some happiness for you.

    Does "love-wise you" mean "love is wise and you are pressing..."?

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    Re: love-wise you

    There is a missing comma: Despite this, love-wise, you are pressing all the right buttons

    It means "as relating to love".

    See here for "-wise": Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press


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