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    I saw this in the Cogate toothpaste commercial for their new toothpaste:

    1. Pack to the Max (Is this correct?)
    2. Packed to the Max (Why isn't it 'packed'? eg. It is packed. This is what I am trying to say "Road Closed" is right b/c "The road is closed." But "Road close" is wrong? How come "Pack to the Max" is right?

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    Re: Advertisment

    Can someone help me with the post above? Thanks.

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    Re: Advertisment

    Sentence 2) is ungrammatical. 'pack' should be 'packed'.

    1) (It's) packed to the max(imum).
    2) (It is) *pack to the max(imum).

    Note, pronunciation: packed [paekt]. Sometimes a speaker will lightly aspirate final [t]. In that case, packed [paekt] will sound like [paek].


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