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    If you see any problems in the following sentence, can I have your comments? Thanks always.

    1. If I had had a chance to study abroad, my life would be different now.

    2. When I was 12 years old, my parents suggested me to study in the USA.

    3. At that time, as I was afraid living separately from my parents and friends, I refused their suggestion. And I regret having done so. because

    4. If I had had accepted their suggestion, I could speak English fluently now.

    5.If I had had lived in the USA, I would be a more active person now.

    6. I have heard that school life in the USA is very differnet from that in Korea.

    7.While students in KOrea are forcued to study only, students in the USA are encouraged to take part in various activities.

    8. And such activities allow students to challenge new things and to express their thouts more openly and freely.

    9. If I had had an opportunity to change one thing in my life, I would study in the USA.

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    Re: conditional

    God Bless!

    The sentences are correct.

    I think in number 8, you've mistyped "thought".


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