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    Error Identification

    There may be misatke in A,B,C or no mistake at all:

    There may be a mistake in A,B or C or no mistake at all:

    1.Moving house and changing jobs are two of the most stressful experiences, because when we move we leave our history B.behind and have to start all over again: we have to convince new neighbours and new employers that we are worth know.
    2.In 1964, after a report of the surgeon-general on A.the dangers of smoking, cigarettes packets B.have been made carry a health warning.
    3.By the end of the century a billion people A.are expexted be living in urban poverty.
    4.It was recognized A.long ago as the time of Chaucer that scurvy B.could be prevented or even cured by the addition to C.the food diet of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    5.A.Although sunscreen lotions may protect against burning ultra-violet B-rays, they a little block out the potentially more dangerous ultra-violet A-rays.
    6.A.The tea has been popular a beverage in China least since 2700 BC.
    7.The history of sugar a source of food goes back to ancient times;sugar cane B.has been first cultivated in India, and the it C.spread slowly eastward to China and more rapidly westward into the Nile Valley.
    8.Different types of oils and fats A.deteriorate different rates:vegetable oils are C.the more resistant to spoilage, animal fats are more susceptible, while marine oils go rancid more rapidly still.
    9.When the French educator and scholar Baron de Couberten A.had revived the ancient Greek concept B.of the Olympic Games and organized the first event in Greece in 1896, he also C.set out to revive the Olympic ideal of friendly and fair competition.
    10.A.Using a radio telescope B.the size of a football field, scientists have identified a star emitting pulses of radio waves 400 light-years from Earth the closest start ever found.
    11.When people move into an area, they tend drive other creatures out, the most obvious example being that when a bit of rain forest cleared, some of the species it containing survive and some die.
    12.Sedentary occupations and intellectual activities A.are consuming relatively B.small amounts of energy compared to those C.requiring regular muscular work.
    13.A.As with so many changes over the past decade, the end of pocket cash B.was accelerated the Internet these days.
    14.A.The human beings are immatly curious:we share an eagerness to find out about the complexities of our own and B.others’ personalities,emotions and superstitions, to learn about different attitudes to life, and much C.else besides.
    15.Despite A.a deservedly high reputation B.for producing gifted young designers and innovative styles, a fashion capital London falls for behinf Paris,Milan,New York and Tokyo.
    16.The fattest sumo champion A.of all time, Koshinki, retired last November, regretting that, weighing B.somewhat over a quarter of a tonne, he was C.very heavy to wrestle.

    My answers:1-C.knowing;2-B.has been made;3-C.urban poverty; diet; little; error;7-C.was spread;8-B.more resistant;9-A.revived;10-B.which had the size of;11-C.contains;12-A.consume;13-no error;14-A.human beings;15-A.of all times

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    Re: Error Identification

    2. Look again. And why did you think 'has been made' was correct?
    6. Which is it?
    7 Look again
    10. look again
    13. Look again

    Look at 15 and 16 again
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    Re: Error Identification

    Ok,I looked through the sentences again and here's what I found:
    2-B.was made;6-A.tea;7-B.was spread;10-no error;13-B.has been accelerated;15-no error;16-C.too heavy

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    Re: Error Identification

    2 'packets' is plural
    7 B was


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