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    A missing phrasal verb

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'm learning English...

    I was reading an article on and I saw the phrase:
    "Assuming they slept together Paul rushes Becky out of his apartment and hopes never to see her again."

    I came here to find the correct meaning of rush out. I thought many things...

    Could someone help me?


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    Re: A missing phrasal verb

    Well, I'm not a teacher, but I think it is not a phrasal verb.
    You can rush someone, that's ok. Then, you say "out " to express where are you rushing them to (outside).

    Paul rushes Becky out. He could as well have rushed her in, it does not change the meaning of the verb.


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    Re: A missing phrasal verb

    That meaning of rush out means the make someone leave hastily.

    From rush: Definition, Synonyms and Much More from
    Português (Portuguese)
    n. - corrida (f), pressa (f), urgência (f)
    v. - apressar
    adj. - urgente


    rush hour
    hora de trânsito intenso

    rush off one's feet
    obrigar alguém a agir sem dar tempo para pensar

    rush out
    sair apressadamente <to leave hastily>

    rush through
    aprovar depressa

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