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  1. Anita


    is correct to say:

    I had a dinner or
    I had dinner


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    Re: Hi

    Hello Anita, welcome to Using English!

    In most contexts, you would say "I had dinner", e.g.

    1. I had dinner at 9 last night, and then went straight to bed.
    2. I had dinner with Anita this evening.

    Cf. "I had breakfast".

    However, sometimes you say "a dinner"; if you want to qualify "dinner", for instance:

    3. I had a roast dinner this evening.

    Or if the dinner was a special:

    4. We had a dinner for 20 in Anita's honour.

    But these are special usages; in ordinary contexts, it would be "I had dinner".

    All the best,


    Not a professional ESL teacher.


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