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    speaking more fluently

    I have a question for ESL teachers. I've been living in the US for 14years, came when I was 12, went through middle/high/college/ and graduate school. My english is still not fluent, i stutter sometimes, and sometimes can't find the words I look for even though I know them. What do you recommend? are there any advanced english audio CDs I can order to help speak more fluently and sound more like a native speaker.

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    Re: speaking more fluently

    Pratice,practice and more practice . Practice makes perfect. It is OK to stutter or not to find the appropiate word for every ocassion. We do it in our native language too. My recommendation is to read a lot. I amplifies your vocabulary and your cultural level. You will always have an accent. There is no problem with that. It makes you unique.
    (I'm not an English teacher)

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    Post Re: speaking more fluently

    Hi there,
    In my experience, ESL learners begin to get better when they're exposed to the language more often eg. movies, music, books etc. If speaking to people in English is a problem for you in a foreign country (which in your case shouldn't be a problem in the US) then this is the way to go.
    The accent is not a problem, everyone develops their own way of speaking, not everyone has an identical dialect to the natives of the country.
    Try reading more books, watching movies, music etc,. Anything that might accentuate your English language use.
    Hope this helps.

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