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    Please, dear teachers,

    I saw this message on a website:

    Just perfect ! I have being used this software since my master degree.. now I can not live (work and study) without it!!

    I think it's not fine:

    My guess:

    It's perfect! I have been using this software since my master's degree... I can not live (work or study) without it now.

    So, could you proofread both of them?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: proofreading

    Just Perfect- It's a sentence fragment, but it's fine for a coment.
    I have being used- You're right about this
    Now- This isn't an error, though I think end placement would be more coomon.
    live (work or study)- This sounds a bit weird to me- 'work, study or even live' or something might be better; starting with the biggest onemakes the phrase a bit of an anticlimax.

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