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    Error Identification

    There may be an error in A,B or C or no error at all:

    There may be mistake in A,B,C or no mistake at all:

    1.For 135 years, the Cilvil War ship The Monitor, which A.took part in one of the great sea batlles of history, B.has been slowliny eroding in its watery grave the coast of North Carolina.
    2.Astronomers A.have made up a short list of B.requirements for making a planet that can support life:the 1st requirement is that the planet C.must not be on the collision course with an asteroid ot a comet or a planet.
    3.Experiments A.using animals have played a cruical role in the development of modern medical treatments, and they will continue be necessary as researchers seek to alleviate existing ailments and C.respond to the emergence of new diseases.
    4.When the words 'My name is James Bond' A.are spoken, film audiences and readers of thrillers know what they are C.about to enjoy C.another adventure with the worlds's most fanous action hero.
    5.Landmines caused A.the death or injury of 70 people B.a day, C.of which most are civilians and many of the casualties occur in countries where war has long since ended.
    6.You're putting A.the cart before the horse, which means you're doing things in B.the wrong order, by bying all C.the furnitures before you've got the house.
    7.The essence of A.any system of justice is an official acknowledgement of B.suffering caused by a criminal acticity of kind or another.
    8.People want food to taste A.well yet they buy tasteless food from supermarkets, food that is produced on an industrial basis where the criteria B.are:will it ship C.well,will it store for a long time.
    9.A.As more and more people seem be turning to television for news, experts hold out C.little hope for the future of the newspapers.
    10.Antony Burgess is best known as the author of 'A Clockwork orange', but he A.has written 51 B.another books, C.the latest of which is an attempt to explore the relationship between literature and music .
    11.Miss Jekyll, most Englishwomen, took gardening in her 40s, drawing her first professional garden plan, although she C.was gardening for years.
    12.After decades of A.decay, B.cultural life is reviving in Naples, a city that has C.too often seen its young artists and intellectuals flee north.
    13.The conference is A.much about B.making the world C.aware of the rpoblems as it is a call for a civilizational change.

    My answers:1-B.was slowly eroding;2-no error;3-no error;4-no error;5-A.death;6-B.wrong order;7-no error;8-A.good;9-C.a little hope;10-B.other books;11-no error;12-no error;13-no error
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    Re: Error Identification

    1. look again. Clue: it's not the tense that's the error.
    6. look again
    9. has not been typed with a B and a C
    11, 12, 13, look again
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    Re: Error Identification

    I'm sorry for the 9 sentence.
    Well,I'll try for the rest that were not right:About the 1st one,if you say that the mistake is not the tense than maybe C?But I don't know.6-no error.Since all the words have 'the' before them I suppose there should be 'the' before furnitures too.9-C.a little hope;11-maybe B.gardening;12-have no idea about it;13-maybe in A. but I don't know how it should be

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    Re: Error Identification

    1. erode : to gradually wear away soil, rock, or land by wind, water, or other natural agents: "The cliffs have been eroded by the sea."
    A wooden ship sunk in the sea rots

    6C 'furnitures' should be the singular 'furniture'

    11C ...she had been gardening

    12 A - cultural life does not 'decay' (and I don't think the meaning is that the city sank into decadence!) - '...decades of stagnation/in decline, cultural life is reviving...'

    13. as much about... as it is (about) a call...
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