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  1. Mrs Suchie Ansuch

    Mr & Mrs

    I am writing a formal letter from a husband and wife. Do I list the two names separately
    Mr Such Andsuch
    Mrs Suchie Andsuch
    or do I write Mr & Mrs Such Andsuch.
    Your advice would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Mr & Mrs

    I would use Mr and Mrs Family Name

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    Re: Mr & Mrs

    That would mean, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
    I think, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, in the same way I don't sign a letter as (Mr.) Jones, but (Mr.) John Jones.

    (A wife is not Mrs. Marjorie Smith, but Mrs. John Smith)

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    Re: Mr & Mrs

    Are you asking how the letter should be signed? It is considered bad form to use a title when referring to oneself. The letter should be signed "John and Mary Smith" without the use of "Mr." and "Mrs." However, on the return address on the outside of the envelope, it is proper and acceptable to list the sender as "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith."


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