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Thread: Root Words

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    Thumbs down Root Words

    Example: Vit = Life (ex. Vitamin)
    A. Vital - Important to life
    B. Vitality- Liveliness

    I need help my teacher gave me a bunch of these and i dont know how to do them :(

    Aud - Hear

    Rupt - Break

    Tort - Twist

    Cide - Kill

    Gress - Step

    Sect - Cut

    Script - Write

    Ped - Foot

    Port - Carry

    Mand - Order

    PLEASE help :(

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    Re: Root Words


    Try to think of words that contain those "pieces".

    For example:
    - audience or audible
    - suicide or homicide

    Why don't you give the rest a try.

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