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    Wink so such really

    What are the rules for the use of SO,SUCH and REALLY?


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    Re: so such really

    Certain words, so, such, and really, can be used to show emphasis:

    Thank you so much.
    It was such a lovely party.
    She is such a nice girl.
    I really like her.

    Learn English - Speak English

    Look at the patterns above and correct the sentences that are wrong:

    1 Donít you think David is so a good-looking man?
    2 That scarf goes such well with your new suit.
    3 We canít afford such expensive holiday as last year.
    4 Youíre looking really much better than you did before
    you took time off.
    5 Sheís a such kind person Ė always thinking of others.
    6 Donít make such a noise Ė youíll wake the baby.
    7 There are really many to choose from.
    8 Why did you buy so many fruit when you donít even
    eat it?
    9 Mary plays the bagpipes really beautifully that you
    can almost imagine the castles in the mist.
    10 Iím so happy you could come.


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