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Thread: home and house

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    home and house

    1. I had a barbeque at my aunt's house.
    2. I had a barbeque at my aunt's home.

    Which one is correct and why?

    Are there any difference between "betting" and "gambling" ?

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    Both are correct.

    Gambling covers a wider range- any act of risking money with the possibility of winning or losing it.

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    To me, gambling means you don't have any tangible element to think your bet is a good proposition in the long term. If you play craps, you gamble b/c obviously you won't win in the long term -- even though you can book some nice winning sessions.
    Betting is neutral; it just means you wager money on something. Traders on the stock market essentially make bets, but they certainly must not gamble!


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    Thanks to all of you! So good to have somebody clear my confusion!

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