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    Cool how to write a refund letter

    i'm withdraw from a college and like to refund , how to write a formal letter?

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    Re: how to write a refund letter

    From Google Answers: seek for refund
    Subject: Re: seek for refund
    Answered By: rico-ga on 24 Feb 2003 12:59 PST

    In most cases, schools and universities while have some written policy concerning full or partial tuition refunds. Common reasons for requesting a refund would include: Physical and/or mental illness, which prevents the student from completing all courses; Job relocation or loss of employer reimbursement eligibility due to involuntary job loss; Unexpected increase in job responsibilities; unexpected required change in work schedule; unexpected but required job-related travel, which prevents the student from completing all courses; other conditions which prevent the student from attending the college.

    In almost all cases, the school will require some type of supporting
    documentation to approve the refund request -- for example, a letter from the attending physician on his/her letterhead noting the
    student's impairment and a professional opinion about the student's
    inability to continue the course.

    I've selected "physical illness", "loss of job", "unexpected change in
    work schedule"; and for the fourth, "other circumstances", in this
    case the student's inability to get the appropriate authorization to
    enter a country. Please note that while I've tried to write each
    letter in different styles, they all follow the same basic format (an
    introduction, request for refund, explanation for request, supporting
    documentation) as they are all essentially for the same purpose:


    Financial Services
    [University Name]
    [Street address]
    [City], [State abbr.] [Zip]

    Dear Sirs:

    I am writing to request a full refund of my tuition fee of $220 for
    the extension course, "History of Macroeconomics" that began on
    February 10th, 2003.

    As noted in the requirements of "Tuition Refund" section of the
    University Student Manual, I have withdrawn from the course within
    the six-week time limit. A copy of that withdrawal slip is attached.

    Unfortunately, ill health has proscribed continuing my education at
    this time. In support of this claim, I've attached a letter from my
    physician, Dr. Holmes, where he notes that he has advised me to limit
    my physical activities, and feels that my illness is such that I
    should not continue traveling to the school at this time.

    If you require any further information from me, feel free to contact
    me at [address] or [phone number]. I appreciate your prompt
    attention to this matter and look forward to receiving the full



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