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    In or on

    Hi teachers,

    Could you tell me the correct preposition for the following sentences?They sound so similar and acceptable to me,but I know some of them must be wrong.

    1. Jesse has been making tons of money on/in/from/off (the?)Ebay since last year.

    2. Anna is so successful in making money on/in Ebay.

    If I want to describe the opening of the moonroof(of a car),which preposition should I use?

    1. Moonroof is an opening on/in/at/of/out of the car's roof.

    If I want to describe a leak(hole) of the ceiling in my house,which preposition should I use?

    1. There is a leak at/in/on/out of the ceiling in/of my house..

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    1. I would say "on", as the money doesn't come from Ebay but from the buyers.
    2. "on"
    3. I would say "on"
    4. I would say "in" or "from".


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    Thank you so much.


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