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    Thumbs up dear english teacher

    dear all,
    first, i am so happy to be a memeber in this helpful forum.
    my questions is how to be able to speak english well
    is this obliged me to read more about langauage grammare
    and structure..?
    or to use cognetive devices in laerning such as read and speak daily speach and newspapers.
    your advice will be highly appriciated


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    Re: dear english teacher

    Welcome to the forums.

    To speak English well, you need to know the grammar, but also to understand it as you hear it and be able to respond correctly and meaningfully.

    Listen to English language programmes, films and tapes, if necessary over and over until you hear what is said without thinking about it.

    Find other people who want to practice their English and get together to speak it.

    Read as much as you can to build your vocabulary. It can be very helpful to get an unabridged reading of a book and then read the book while listening to the recording.

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