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Thread: down to earth!!

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    Smile down to earth!!

    What is the meaning of "Down to earth"?
    Can anyone please explain it with some examples?

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    Re: down to earth!!

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    Re: down to earth!!

    sort of " humble person' characteristic

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    Re: down to earth!!

    Quote Originally Posted by izam View Post
    sort of " humble person' characteristic
    Hi, Izam! Welcome to the forums! We hope you will become a frequent visitor!


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    Re: down to earth!!

    1. Realistic; sensible.
    a. Not pretentious or affected; straightforward.
    b. Not overly ornate; simple in style.

    practical and sensible:

    She's a down-to-earth sort of woman with no pretensions.

    1. (idiomatic) Practical; realistic; pragmatic.

    He had a down-to-earth attitude that translated into a straightforward, but effective strategy.


    * (realistic): have one's feet on the ground, earth-bound


    have one's head in the clouds

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