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    Exclamation Reliability and Validity

    Hi!! I will really appreciate if you can help me with this. I need to know some examples about reliability and validity. I don't know which tests are
    -reliable and valid
    -valid but not reliable
    -not valid but reliable
    -not realible and not valid
    I need types of tests please! And if you have examples that will be better!! thank you

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    Re: Reliability and Validity

    Validity is when you test what is supposed to be tested. For example, when you test Reading, you should not get your students to write a lot because you are actually testing Reading and in this way you are testing them Writing too and you should not also score their writing. So you should concentrate on Reading only.

    Reliability is the consistency of the result of the test. If you give a test for specific students today and get a specific score and you give the same test to the same group of students another time and they get the same or not necessarily the same BUT near to the previous score then it is reliable.

    Not a teacher but I know this piece of information and wanted to help. If I was wrong, please correct me.
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    Exclamation Re: Reliability and Validity

    DNA test is accepted as reliable and valid legally.
    The Drug test on drivers, whose reliability has provoked nationwide debate, was ruled by a court to be scientifically valid.
    Many evidences based on scientific tests may be reliable but are not valid legally.
    Pre-election surveys made by various agencies are neither reliable nor valid.

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