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    Whom is Manuela staying with while you'll be traveling?

    Is this sentence correct, please?
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    Re: whom


    I can see two issues in that sentence. The usage of who, whom and tense after while.

    Who is Manuela staying with .... sounds better to me
    Whom is Manuela staying with...... I think is correct but not common.
    the third option is:
    With whom is Manuela staying ....
    After preposition you must use whom.

    After while, when, before, after, as soon as and until for future meaning use present tenses.

    I'm going to visit the British Museum while I'm in london.

    So I would amend the sentence to :
    Who is Manuela staying with while you travel.
    Who is Manuela staying with while you go abroad.

    Note I'm just a learner not an expert.


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