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    which is

    Hi, I always have a problem with spelling my name and therefore would like to ask you to give me an advice what to say. I always say:
    My name is Katarzyna, which is K A T....

    is it correct to use the phrase 'which is' . If not what else can I say?

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    Re: which is

    It is quite acceptable.

    You could also say: "..., that is ... " or "..., spelled ...".

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    Re: which is

    My name is Katarzyna, which is K A T....
    How about:
    My name is Katryna, which is Kat in short.
    My name is Katrnyna but you can call me Kat.

    (Oops, you meant to spell it out. Sorry, I thought you wanted to shorten it)


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