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    bank manager

    dear sir,

    i have an acount in ur bank and my acc number is xxxxxx. on 9th from xxxxx bank i have transferred some ten thousand rs. but still i didnt received any money. so kindly do the needful.

    thanking you

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    Re: bank manager

    I'm afraid I don't follow. Where did you transfer the money from, and what is the reason for contacting the manager?

    By the way, please make your posts more readable by using I (instead of i), you (instead of u), etc.


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    Re: bank manager

    Is this bank in India? I don't believe that "Kindly do the needful" is used outside of India.

    However, it's not clear what you want the person to do.

    You transferred money from another bank to this bank, but it doesn't show up as being received?

    You transferred money from one account at this bank to another account, but it doesn't show up?

    You want to withdraw the money?

    What do you want the bank manager to do, exactly.

    (PS - Remember to start sentences with a capital letter, and don't use chat abbreviations like "ur" in a business letter.)

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