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  1. Fred Suriya

    Racked in...


    Please can someone explain to me the meaning of that sentence:
    "the circuit breaker is racked in to the connected position"

    Really I don't understand this rack in verb.
    Thanks a lot for your help

    Have a great day

    Fred Suriya

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    Re: Racked in...

    From Merriam-Webster : 6: to seize (as parallel ropes of a tackle) together

    It means that the two parts are joined.

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    Re: Racked in...

    The rack is a framework or structure on which apparatus is mounted, usually by means of shelves, or mounting plates. Read more about 'racking in and racking out' here Apparatus for racking circuit breakers into and out of switchgear - US Patent 6951990. There is even a diagram--but it's small.


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