Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Nowadays when it comes to the questions about working in a team or independently,peoplemay often gives a diverse of answers based on their individual value systerms.Some believe that working in a group is better while others claim that indenpendently is more suitable . As for me ,my favor goes to the latter.
To begin with,I concede that work in a group or a team serves as very improtant factors for the company's development.Since ,team work makes all the people in this company to take care of the company's future ,and they do everything for the company,when they have some projects or some problems ,they always gether together ,having a meeting to discuss the way to do projects.Make their ideas together ,finding out the best way to deal with projects.
However ,compelling these cases may sound,work in a group is not without problems.For example ,when one meet some questions ,he may not do it by himself ,for he believes that this questions are for the everyone in this group ,thus he does not do it as quickly as he can ,just waite for other to do them .So it may greatly destroy man's new ideas.Therefore,too much emphasis on team work is harmful and may go contrary to our primary purpose of team work spirits.
On the other hand,work independently can address to some people's needs that team work cannot.For one thing, work independently can greatly incurage one person's ability,even when he faced difficulties,he always put up new ideas or useful method to deal with them .For another,independently work have a high efficiency ,he does not need to take part in a meeting about how to deal with the problem,thus saving a lot of time to do the work. Moreover,because of the high efficiency ,every one can do more works than team work,which is a good news for the company.
In the final analysis, it is true that team work and independently work both have merits for the company's development,However,considering the protential problems resulted form team work and the greatly benefits of the indenpendently work, I believe that it is wise to choose indenpendently work.