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    Exclamation how to speak propre english


    please could you tell me what should i do to speak propre english with the people in london
    because what I learned at school it is tottaly different with the way that people speak to me in the street and another thing as well I got in trouble sometimes with persons that
    speak dialect englsih which am trying to avoid

    kind regards


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    Re: how to speak propre english

    There is often a difference between the English taught as a foreign or second language in schools and the way people speak, and this is very much the case in parts of London. Speak in the way that feels most natural to you; there's no need to imitate people and to acquire a regional accent, etc, if you don't want to. You will have to learn the meanings of many of the words they use, but don't feel forced to use them. Over time, however, you will probably find that you will start using some of them and that your accent may change a little.

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