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Thread: Collocation

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    It is not always easy to learn The association between words
    that usually occure with each other.

    Here are some examples out of so many-and of course may look very
    odd-that I would like to make sure about their collocation.
    It is worth noting that they all have literary sense.

    1.Wandering letters -To show lack of destination
    2.Decrepit tree -To show age and bad condition
    3.Rotten beliefs -Foul,decayed,putrid

    What else do you suggest?

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Collocation

    There is no way to know until the context is known. The surrounding words in a paragraph can give you clues as to what these word combinations really mean. More info needed.

    Here's an example: the word orphan has a particular meaning to many people. Ask for a definition and you will get similar meanings. However, ---

    In the food business, an "orphan" is a can of food left on the store's shelf in the wrong place and must be re-stocked in its proper category/shelf.

    In the printing business, an "orphan" is the last word of a paragraph left over by itself, jumping to make a last line. Printers don't like that and will edit the paragraph so that all the words fit into full lines.

    In pharmecuticals, an "orphan" drug is a product that has no ties to any other drug and has a limited use.

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