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    shrugged his shoulders

    Dear teachers,

    There is a simple sentence: “Nicholas shrugged his shoulders.”

    I know that the expression “to shrug one’s shoulders” is a phraseological combination.

    On the other hand I know that the verb “to shrug” combines only with the noun shoulders. We therefore often find the verb to shrug used alone, the noun shoulder being omitted because it is understood.

    Would you be kind enough tell me whether I may use the following sentences?

    “The words seemed to displease him. He shrugged and turned away.”

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: shrugged his shoulders

    The following example is from my Oxford Advanced Genie dictionary,which shows that your sentence is correct.Shrug is regular verb which may be used either alone or with the noun shoulders.
    shrug {speaker} verb
    (-gg-) [no*passive] to raise your shoulders and then lower them to show that you do not know or care about sth:
    [V] Sam shrugged and said nothing. • [VN] ‘I don’t know,’ Anna replied, shrugging her shoulders.

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    Re: shrugged his shoulders

    Yes, vil, that's perfectly good English.

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