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    count and mass noun


    i have learn that expressions 'some' and 'few' are used with count noun, whereas "some" and "little" are used with mass noun. but i m facing problems using this expressions, while answering the questions like 'fill in the blanks with some,little and few".

    the problem is i could able to decide when to use "some" and when to use "few", in the sentence which is related to count noun.

    same as with the mass noun. i am not sure where to use "some" and where to use "little" while answering the question related to mass noun.

    please help me do deal with it

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    Re: count and mass noun

    There were only a few people there. ("People" is a count noun.)
    There was only a little wine in the glass. ("Wine" is normally a noncount noun.)

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