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    Stars and Dogs

    Friends. In a book I am reading I found this expression: "...his salary was taken down among both the stars and the dogs." Can anyone help me to understand what is implied by this expression? Thanks so much.

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    Re: Stars and Dogs

    I'll take a guess, but would like more of the pargraph . . .

    "...his salary was taken down among both the stars (the brightest, best and highest job) and the dogs (the lowest and dirtiest job)"

    I am not sure what "taken down among" means . . .

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    Re: Stars and Dogs

    It refers to BCG Matrix - when you describe companies in terms of their share in the market and the growth of this market;
    you have:
    a star (big share, big growth, big profitability, but big capital needed)
    a milk cow (big shar, small growth, big profitability, small capital needed)
    a question mark (small share, big growth, small profitability, big capital needed)
    a dog (small share, small growth, small profitability, small capital needed)

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    Re: Stars and Dogs

    Thanks, ladybird and susiedqq. The mentioning of the BCG matrix was a real addition to my info. Both of you did help a lot.


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