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    First Impressions

    I know that you are waiting with bated or baited breath for the first complaints on the new format, so I'll leap right in. I have been using this same format (in a different colour) for the past two years at, and it has two immediate, minor but continually vexing, weakpoints: (1) it does not remember my password, requiring me to re-enter it each time I log in and (2) the Quick Reply does not offer Preview.

    These may not seem like much, but with my modus operandi (leaping from website to website, logging on for a few minutes between bouts of real work), the extra clicking is a noticeable hindrance and delay.

    I don't suppose either can be fixed, but it might be something to pass on to the makers, or at least to explain my mood if I am a bit abrupt in my postings for the next few days.

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    Re: First Impressions

    I am agree with you. I have the same problems as you.

    I have worked with this format for about one year in
    The last format of this forum was really better. I havn't had any problems with it. But know .....


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