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    Question Head words of noun phrase

    Dear teachers,
    1.Apart from nouns, can anything else be the head word of noun phrase?

    2.What about personal pronouns?
    e.g.I have only YOU to look to.
    Can the personal pronoun YOU function as a noun phrase?

    3.What about the words in italic?Are they noun phrases?
    Oh, but you have only yourself to praise.
    Now, I had nobody to see, nowhere to go.
    Jack was the first to come.
    She was the last to reach the hall.
    I have no more to add.
    I am not the one to run about and discuss my affairs with other people.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Head words of noun phrase

    A noun phrase (abbreviated NP) is a phrase whose head is a noun or a pronoun. Noun phrase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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