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    Space Exploration

    The Reasons For Space Exploration
    Since human beings first appearance on Earth, curiosity has always acted as a force of human nature which is the predominant factor that today’s knowledge of science and technology has its grounds on. Accordingly, space exploration is one of this curiosity’s outcomes that some people claim that more money should be allocated in this field of science in order to understand more about space, the universe and its system, trigger new inventions in science and find alternative planet to live on.
    The first reason for space exploration concerns understanding more about space, the universe and its system. Due to the fact that the widespread belief amongst people about alien’s existence has stirred a lot of controversy, research in science is accelerated in order to find certain answers to intriguing questions about aliens.
    The second reason for space exploration concerns the possibility of triggering new inventions in science. Because of the fact that there are still thousands of unanswered questions among scientists, learning more about space and the universe has caught immense attention. Since human beings are lacking in knowledge of space presently, there are still thousands of facts to be discovered which subsequently will trigger new inventions in science.
    The third reason for space exploration concerns the search for an alternative planet to live on. Since the Earth’s population is constantly growing and the climatic changes on this planet are causing unbearable sufferings among people, the search for a new planet which should be similar to Earth in terms of temperature, gravitation and air concentration, etc. has become one of the most desired feature in most people’s lives.
    In conclusion, the idea of allocating more money on space exploration and its research is highly supported by its proponents based on its possible outcomes like understanding space and the universe, new inventions in science and finding an alternative planet to live on. Hence, many governments expect to gain interest and cooperation among others in order to carry out this research for a better future.

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    Re: Space Exploration

    Figure out what you want to say and say it.

    Strive for clarity.

    Space between paragraphs.


    Make sure you have a point.

    Don't ramble.

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