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    Today's Internet

    The Reasons For The Increasing Demand For The Internet
    With the advances of technology in the 20th century, the Internet has become a widespread technological tool used for various purposes including e-mail and research databases. Even though the usage of the Internet differs immensely from person to person, it is widely used depending on its novelties such as social network systems, research databases and e-mailing with people free from continental boundaries and cheaper than any other means of communication.
    The first reason for the increasing demand for the Internet concerns social network systems which are systems that enable people to shop from their homes and to join clubs or online dating systems. Due to the fact that the Internet knows no boundary, finding friends or soul mates on the Internet has become more preferable compared with traditional relationships. Nevertheless, the quality of online relationships is still debatable on the idea that whether the online ones or the offline ones will be more permanent than the other.
    The second reason for the increasing demand for the Internet concerns research databases which enable people to search through thousands of new sources in different languages in a few milliseconds. This is especially visible in the case of a scholar research in which the student has to gather information from multiple sources on a selected theme. However, it should be stated that the confidentiality of the available sources in the Internet is not dependable since there are websites that target people in order to earn more money illegally.
    The third reason concerns e-mail which sets people free from continental boundaries .Sending and receiving messages and mails in a short time can be applied for both business deals and personal relationships. From the aspect of business, contacting with an overseas partner can happen so quickly that it would have taken weeks to manage it without the Internet. From the aspect of personal relationships, people can keep in touch with their old friends whom they have not seen for years or whom are far away.
    In conclusion, the demand for the Internet is increasing day by day because of its major contributions, like e-mail and new research methods, that most people could not have guessed using them before its arrival. The non-existence of continental boundaries and being a cheap way to communicate make it more charming for people than any other advance has ever been before.

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    Re: Today's Internet

    It looks like you haven't bothered to read it to see if it says what you mean it to say.

    Make coherent paragraphs.

    Space between paragraphs.

    Figure out what your point is then make the reader understand it.

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